What is caramel? "Caramel is a sweet confection, often square in shape, made with a mixture of sugar, cooked glucose syrup, to which is added dairy products (fresh powdered or concentrated milk, butter, cream) vegetable fat, and flavorings.
The variety of caramel (hard or soft caramel, fudge, huge, toffee) depends upon the ingredients, the degree of cooking, the shape of the finished product and its flavor.
In France, the town of Isigny, famous for its milk, manufactures the most highly regarded caramels".

This tasting includes the factory visit where you can see caramel making.

After your Caramel tasting, on the way back to Cherbourg you will visit a local Calavados (apple brandy) distillery and also Cider and Pommeau with some of the local cheeses.