Departure from La Cité, Nantes events center.

Visit of the Saint-Pierre & Saint-Paul Cathedral.

This masterpiece of flamboyant gothic architecture, impressive and moving, shelters the tombstone of the last Duke of Brittany.

Visit of the Dukes of Brittany Castle (outside only).

One of the last surviving medieval buildings, it used to stand on the banks of the Loire River. The Duchess-queen Anne de Bretagne was born here.

Nantes in the 18th century

"Nantes in the time of the islands" is what Feydeau Island visualizes for those who take the time to stroll in its streets.
Discovering this "vessel of stone" anchored in the heart of the city allows the visitor to travel back in time to when Nantes was one of the most important starting points for slave expeditions.

Nantes in the 19th century

The development of factories in the 19th century increased the wealth of Nantes.

Consequently, new blocks were created around the Graslin theatre: Crébillon street (well known for its nice boutiques), the Graslin square, and the beautiful La Cigale brasserie...

The Passage Pommeraye: unique of its kind, the Passage Pommeraye is an elegant 19th century commercial gallery on three levels. As you walk around you will observe the different architectural styles. Several movies have been filmed here.

End of the visit: Graslin square.