CHERBOURG CITY TOUR and Chateau Ravalet



From the Galo-Roman period, Coriallo was mentioned in the schedule of Peutinger, the actual road map of the Roman legions.
From a fishing village it gradually became a small town under the impetus of William le Conqueror.

In 1786, Louis XVI visited the construction work of the harbor sea wall. Napoleon III came on a visit on the first train in 1858 .

The Arsenal grew, and from the end of the 19th century French submarines were built there.
The Transatlantic Terminal and Art Deco masterpiece, was inaugurated in 1933.

In 1944, Cherbourg became the most important port in the world, when the allied war material was landed on its quaysides.

In 2002, The Cite de La Mer opened within the old Transatlantic Terminal giving a new boost to local tourism. Since then the town has launched a program of urban renewal and development of its quaysides, which will transform its image.

The Château des Ravalet

The Château des Ravalet is an outstanding Renaissance style castle, built between 1562 and 1575.

Transformed into a farm during the 17th century, it was restored between 1859 and 1874 by Alexis de Tocqueville’s family, the author of on democracy in America.
They created the park, with its ponds and its exotic greenhouse. The Cherbourg city acquired the castle in 1935.

Today, the castle and its park are both listed as heritage sites.

The 14 hectares park is made of both an English and a French garden.
The French garden is located in front of the magnificent 19th century greenhouse.
Thanks to its many different species of exotic plants and trees, the Ravalet park is listed since 2004 as a "Remarkable garden".