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Departure is from your port of call with your driver and an English speaking guide.

The importance of the sea in Finistère is demonstrated by the 111 beacons and lighthouses that are dotted along the coast, and offers a real invitation to discover them from Brest to Brignogan following a scenic coastal road, they are landmarks of this superb natural environment.
Each lighthouse tells a story of human courage, determination, talent and sheer genius. From Brest to Brignogan via Ouessant, the Lighthouse and Beacon route takes you to the heart of this extraordinary historic and human adventure. Most of those lighthouses are closed to public excepted four of them: Phare de l’ile Vierge, de Saint Mathieu, d’Eckmühl and Trezien.

The country of the parish closes:
B uilt by local craftsmen between the 14th and the 18th centuries the Parish close are sacred places of religious life composed of a group of architectural religious building including church, ossuary, calvary, churchyard enclosed with low wall and a triumphal gate as the main entrance.
The Parish Close is a multicolored place where anonymous artists - sculptors, cabinetmakers, painters, goldsmiths, glassworkers, embroiderers, etc. - have all created exceptional works which will not leave you indifferent. "You will travel back at the end of the Romanesque and the luxuriant Renaissance and Baroque periods."

Chateau de Kerjean is situated in Saint Vougay, North of Landivisiau and East of Lesneven.
It was built at once as a fortress and as a Breton Renaissance castle, a seigniorial residence in the second half of the 15th century after the purchase of the estate by the Barbier family. It is a fortified residence with a double surrounding wall which is typical of the large traditional Breton manor as far as it is composed of several buildings gathered around a square yard.


No Lighthouse inside visits are planned in the tour schedule, but it can be organized upon special request. Chateau Kerjean admission fee included.