half day 5 hours


Departure is from your port of call with your driver to Pont Aven by freeway. Optional guided tour.

Since the middle age, Pont-Aven is a small commercial town known for its mills and its port. And inspired artists since 19 century, American painters began arriving here in 1865; by 1870 it was almost a colony for American artists.
From 1865 onwards, life in the town changed radically; in 1886 the Pont Aven Art School was formed.
Like the 50,000 visitors coming every year when you are walking by the river Aven you really understand the meaning of "built at the end of the river creek".
Since the middle age, tradesmen, millers and sailors used to commerce in this little town, the Artist felt in love and today it is your turn.

Paul Gauguin and his followers at Pont Aven brought about an artistic revolution.
The paintings they created, characterized by vivid colors, simplified space, and sharply defined forms, established a new style and changed the direction of painting in the twentieth century.
You are about to see some works of Gauguin collection. It is a hope that remarkable collection will entice you to visit Pont Aven village and Gauguin, the school of Pont Aven.


Taking this tour means that you are an Art lover and do not need any guiding but can have one if required.