full day 11 hours
only available from Rouen or Boulogne sur Mer


Departure is from your port of call with your driver and an English speaking guide to Amiens by freeway.

Peronne, from the moment it was occupied by the Germans in August 1914, became a crowded center of military activity and logistic support, particularly during the Battle of the Somme.

Historial of the Great War, is located in a very imposing fortification which, like the whole town was badly damaged during the fighting. Here you can discover the daily life of the British, German and French civilians drawn into the first "Total War". After the Memorial visit you will have 1 hour free time for lunch on your own in Péronne.

Thiepval; the hill, the village itself formed one of the two key position on the German defensive line in the northern sector of the British front. It was known as "The Leipzig salient" and on July 1st was one of the principal disaster point of the British offensive on its left wing. The loss of that day was 58,000 men, of whom 20,000 were killed. It was the greatest tragedy in British military history.

On the way to Beaumont le Hamel you will pass Ulster Tower and Pozieres. At the time of WWI Newfoundland was a British Colony to raise volunteer army. At 7.30 am on July 1st 1916 the men of the Royal Newfoundland regiment had scarcely left their trenches before they came under intense German machine-gun fire. 30 minutes later only 68 men remained unscathed.  In terms of casualties relative to the number of men engaged, this battle was among the most murderous of the entire Battle of the Somme.

Albert: in 1914 7,343 inhabitants were living in this pretty town, in January 1914; the total number of people still living there was 120. The Somme 1916 Museum is included in our visit, but has a very difficult access for wheelchairs.

If time is permitted, your guide will offer you a city driving tour.


This is a very physical tour, a lot of walking on quite difficult terrain and many steps. Péronne Memorial and Albert museum admission fee included.  This tour can be reduced to 10 hours under conditions, such as the Port of call.